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Generally, the concepts of homesteading, hobby farming and prepping can have some things in common. However, there are differences as well. While this website is geared toward homesteading, anyone may find information here useful to their specific needs.

Homesteading is typically thought of as working toward living as close to a self-sustaining lifestyle as possible, by growing and preserving one’s own food, keeping livestock for food and clothing, generating one’s own electricity (if wanted), producing extra for bartering or for sale purposes, etc. This usually requires a few acres of land or more.

“Hobby farmers” are usually individuals or families who desire to grow their own crops and perhaps have a few chickens or other livestock for their personal use with a goal to have better quality, homegrown food. This possibly can be done on a small piece of property in the city (if ordinances allow it).

“Preppers”, however, often times have a goal to survive a doomsday scenario. This requires them to acquire and store items, which can be done even in an apartment setting in the middle of a busy city like New York City.

Now, given these general definitions, someone can easily be a homesteader and a prepper, or a hobby farmer and a prepper.

We welcome the homesteaders, hobby farmers, preppers or anyone wanting information.

A Warm Welcome