Pardes Homestead Rabbitry is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).  The majority of our rabbits are pedigreed New Zealands.  With our conscientious breeding program we concentrate on producing high quality rabbits, of superior size, while adhering to the ARBA guidelines, which serves to strengthen the breed as a whole. When we first started our breeding program, we found that some of the rabbits we purchased in Michigan were small and struggled to even make weight (especially the colored rabbits) for the ARBA show competitions. We also found that several breeders often inbred lines, and some “allegedly” forged pedigree documents. We also found that that even when we traveled from one side of the state to the other to purchase rabbits, many of the same lines could be found.  This demonstrated that there was not a very diverse gene pool, which we believe could be causing a weakening of the lines.  Line breeding is done for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: trying to strengthen a certain trait, for example, wider shoulders, shorter neck, etc; not having enough stock to prevent line breeding; or unsupervised breedings.  As a result, Pardes Homestead has set out to produce rabbits that not only minimally reach the top end of the ARBA standard weight limits, but have much stronger genetics through selective breeding.  

How do we do this? First, we have traveled outside of our home state and acquired rabbits from breeders in other states whose bloodlines are removed from those we found in our local area.  Second, we work to ensure that very little line breeding occurs within our rabbitry. We never breed full brother to full sister, or either back to the birth parents. Third, we are very selective in the rabbits we choose to breed, using only our best stock to produce litters. Any rabbits we find to be lacking, are grown out for the freezer, guaranteeing that any weaknesses are not perpetuated for further generations.


We maintain a variety of New Zealand rabbits, which include: Whites, Reds, Blacks, Blues, and broken of each color, which are the colors accepted by the ARBA. We have chosen the New Zealand Rabbit, because of their exceptional size, and their bone to meat ratio.  We have found that our rabbits produce more meat, off the bone, than any other breed, including the Flemish Giant. Statistically, if you have one breeding pair of New Zealand rabbits, and breed them three to four times per year, you can theoretically produce about 150 lbs of rabbit meat for your family. This includes breeding the original pair, as well as their offspring, making rabbits one of the best, self sustaining meat sources for the homestead or the modern “Prepper.” When we first began raising rabbits we lived in a city and raised them in a shed in our back yard. Though neighbors complained about our few egg producing chickens, causing us to need to get rid of them, no one knew about our small rabbitry. Due to the small space needed, lack of noise and smell,  rabbits can be produced in any location, making them an ideal food source for anyone.

Our Rabbitry can offer many unrelated rabbits for someone wanting to start or add to their existing rabbitry. If you are interested in purchasing rabbits and starting your own rabbitry, and/or self=sustaining food source, see our contact information at the top of the page.

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Pardes Homestead Rabbitry
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Pardes Homestead Rabbitry

Top Ten


Rabbit Breeds

  1. 1.New Zealand

  2. 2.Californian

  3. 3.Florida Whites

  4. 4.Champagne D Argent

  5. 5.American Chinchilla

  6. 6.Silver Foxes

  7. 7.Cinnamons

  8. 8.Satins

  9. 9.Standard Rex

  10. 10.Palomino

*Flemish Giants

The Flemish Giant can weigh up to 20 lbs. They are slow growing rabbits, and require more food then those listed above. Their larger bones also make their meat to bone ratio lower.  We would  recommend breeding a Flemish doe and a New Zealand for an improved bone to meat ratio.